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With an eye for quality craftsmanship, Creative Director & Owner, Jessica Cu creates unique and luxurious fine bespoke jewellery using beautiful and unusual diamonds and precious stones. The 5th C produces a range of unique contemporary pieces that have created a cult following since 2012. Our exclusive bespoke jewellery design service as seen on magazines and digital media, our team of bespoke jewellery specialists whose passion for design and understanding for their client’s preference has become the cornerstone of the 5th C service. Private appointment available upon request at our showroom in the heart of Central, Hong Kong. 
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About Jessica


Jessica Cu has been in the diamond industry for over 20 years, and brings with her a wealth of experience in diamonds and rare stones. Since completing her Graduate Gemologist diploma at GIA Hong Kong in 1999, Jessica's technical expertise, attention to detail, and passion for beautiful design has earned her the ongoing trust of a very discerning clientele.
Recognising a gap in the market for bespoke luxury jewellery at prices that remained relatively affordable, Jessica's dream of servicing private clients directly came to life in 2012 with the opening of The 5th C. Her innate understanding of each customer's needs makes the process of getting jewellery made the most intimate and enjoyable of experiences.
Jessica explains, “I felt that it was time to invest more in the client and provide a personalised service to a growing market of consumers, who were seeking high quality diamonds without the brand-name price tag, particularly when it comes to engagement rings, which are very personal and require greater consultation between the supplier and the client."
The purchase of fine diamond jewellery tends to revolve around some of the most important events in our lives, marking significant moments in time. Our consultants understand this from their personal experience, and it is our goal to help you make the best decision possible.
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