Highlights of My Greece Summer Trip

Greece was me realising that I could never be fully over travel.

Greece was me learning that finding a base was the best decision I could have ever made. That I can still travel as much as I used to, but that I function so much better when I have a home to return to between trips.

Greece was the place that helped me rediscover the joy I once had for exploring new places.

Since it was my first time, I wanted to visit Athens, Santorini, Paros and Mykonos — and I fell madly in love.

Here are the highlights from my time in Greece.

Greek food in Corfu

Like I could go to Greece and not write about the incredible food I found there!

I don’t think I had a single bad meal over the twelve days I spent in the country, even when I was eating in one of the small gyros shops that’s in every corner of the market.

My meals were all about the freshest Greek salads with enormous slabs of feta cheese on top: so good that I doubt I’ll ever eat a Greek salad outside of Greece again! It was all about the fresh bread and virgin olive oil. The tastiest olives I’ve ever tried. The rich moussakas. The tender kleftiko. The lamb souvlakis. The grilled seafood! I was trying to avoid carbs but even their pasta is so good I could not NOT finish the whole plate.

Practically everything I ate in Greece was the best version I’ve ever tasted of that dish, and it had the country shooting up into my top five places around the world in which to eat.

Another highlight for me is the numerous sunsets we were lucky enough to experience. The sky has orange and pink hues and it was so clear and calming.

When I first created our version of the evil eye bracelet back in 2013, I had the word “protection” in mind. As we navigated through the streets in Mykonos and Paros towns, I can see the evil eye is everywhere! Numerous shops carry them in different variations which has inspired me a lot. You can see how the evil eye is such a huge influence to Greek lifestyle.

The Greeks are a very warm and friendly people and we felt safe everywhere we went. We met some interesting people during our visit

I’m already planning a return to Greece next year and a lot of my motivation comes from missing the incredible food.

Corfu fortress